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Chrotchtangle Regional Round 2: #11 Magnus Moan vs. #14 Ram Amandeep, #7 Carlton Crunk vs. #2 Leo Moses Spornstarr


There’s a lot to love at the bottom of the Chrotchtangle this round. The first match is a tale of two upsets: Olympic skier Magnus Moan defeated Skylar Stormo in Round 1, while #14 upstart Ram Amandeep took out 3-seed Champion Jointer. Real talk: the deciding factor in this round will be a question of how many people are still wringing cheap chuckles out of Ram Amandeep.

The final Round 2 runoff sees Leo Moses Spornstarr facing his first real competition in the form of Carlton Crunk. Both names are winners, but one must lose. Who will it be?

The Sweet Sixteen begins next week. Follow us on Twitter!


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Chrotchtangle Regional Round 2: #1 Fancy English, Jr. vs. #9 Hurricane Weathers, #12 Mister Love vs. #4 Fitzroy Waffley

It was a dark and stormy night…for Fancy English, Jr., at least. The Chrotchtangle Regional’s #1 seed is in for a rainy, windy battle against #9 seed Hurricane Weathers. Fancy’s victory over Patron Steele was little more than a formality, but he’s now up for a real challenge against the Florida man who vanquished Sparkle McKnight. Go on, Fancy. Make dad proud.

In our second matchup, Mister Love will try to become the second double-digit seed to book a place in the Sweet Sixteen. Mr. Love is not quite 2009 frontrunner Nutritious Love, but he’s set for a potentially deep run after knocking off Bonanza Sharp in Round 1. Of course, he’ll have to get past Fitzroy Waffley, who comfortably strolled past Mythius Gaither in his last matchup and still has the word “waffle” embedded in his last name.

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Dragonwagon Regional Round 2: #6 Gorby Loreus vs. #3 Sincere Shears, #10 Leila Bossy-Nobs vs. #2 Jackmeoff Mudd

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 7.05.19 PM

This week, DragWag 3-seed Sincere Shears is up against erstwhile Middle Tennessee defensive end Gorby Loreus (#6). Shears is ranked higher, but the marvelous mellifluity of Gorby Loreus makes an upset a very real possibility. Who will go on?

Today’s other matchup should also be contentious. Leila Bossy-Nobs‘ first-round rout of Fang Man, who had the support of the commentariat, indicates that she may have further victories in store — even against a heavy such as #2 Jackmeoff Mudd, whose margin of victory over 15-seed Onochie Ochie could be seen as surprisingly slim. Are Leila’s nobs bossy enough?

Tomorrow, we Chrotchtangle. Tweet at us.

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Dragonwagon Regional Round 2: #1 Dr. Suparman Marzuki vs. #8 Dusty Rust; #5 Twollie Vanderwerf vs. #4 Smokey Don Pipes

Just 24 names remain in the 2013 Name of the Year tournament. By the end of this week, we will be down to 16.

Another top seed is under fire as Dr. Suparman Marzuki moves past his triumph over Dickie Lee Hullinghorst to battle Dusty Rust, the dispatcher of Blaze Caponegro. Suparman has few weaknesses, but Mr. Rust may be able to exploit one of them if his dust happens to be of the crushed-up kryptonite variety. Can the Louisianian college football player pull the upset?

Elsewhere, Smokey Don Pipes will look to follow up his commanding round one victory over Dreamius Smith by taking out Twollie Vanderwerf.  Smokey Don seems like an awfully strong four seed at this point; he’s the 2013 Michigan Wolverines of our bracket. Twollie, who previously outlasted Necho Beard, is simply a Minnesota man whose name was submitted by his wife. He may not have the bravado of his opponent, but he has the modest backstory needed to spin a textbook David vs. Goliath tale.

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Bulltron/Sithole Round 2 Results

We’re picking up the pace and kicking up the bass here at NOTY headquarters. Two regions down, two to go in the second round of the tourney.

In the Bulltron:

1-seed Pornsak Pongthong continues to rip through his competition like a machine, leaving nothing more of #8 Bak Bak than a plaintive squawk and a cloud of feathers.

#13 Marijuana Warr chalked up another upset, this time against 5-seed Narnia Overall. Apparently stoners have stronger numbers in our readership than C.S. Lewis fans do.

#6 David L. Dickensheets won the doctor fight! Sorry, #3 Skyhawk Fadigan.

Powerhouse 2-seed Yolanda Squatpump made short work of #10 Ursula A. Hofacker. We should be in for a doozy of an Elite Eight match if Pongthong and Squatpump both make it past the next round.

In the Sithole:

#1 Baby Swinger bested #8 Octavia Sheepshanks, although Sheepshanks put up a good fight.

#5 Norman Conquest narrowly upset 4-seed Konockus Sashington. Conquest/Swinger should be tight.

#6 Pooky Amsterdam beat upstart 14-seed Florence Fabricant in a clean three-to-one sweep.

2-seed McWisdom Badejo roundly trounced #10 Syndric Steptoe.

This week: Fraggin’ in the Dragonwagon! Tangle in the Chrotch! Tune in via Twitter.

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Sithole Regional Round 2: #6 Pooky Amsterdam vs. #14 Florence Fabricant; #10 Syndric Steptoe vs. #2 McWisdom Badejo


It’s the battle of the European cities today with Amsterdam taking on Florence in the first matchup. Pooky, the 6-seed, is fresh off a rout of Dr. Twigs Way, but upstart 14-seed Fabricant is looking for blood after her photo finish against #3 Koovasky Zapata. FloFab is one of only two 14-seeds to make it to round 2 (the other is fan favorite Ram Amandeep). But can she put a stop to the unyielding momentum of Pooky Amsterdam?

Today’s second matchup also pits a low-seeded upset winner against a relative heavy, though in neither case is the outcome a foregone conclusion. The bottom of the Sithole sees McWisdom Badejo facing off against fellow athlete Syndric Steptoe. Steptoe’s already-pleasing name becomes funnier when you consider that as a receiver he’s undoubtedly done a lot of toe-stepping by the sidelines of the football field. Meanwhile, McWisdom is named McWisdom.

Who wins?

As always, voting ends Sunday at midnight, so cast your ballots before then.

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Sithole Regional Round 2: #1 Baby Swinger vs. #8 Octavia Sheepshanks; #5 Norman Conquest vs. #4 Konockus Sashington

As previously noted, your Tweets make us happy.

The Sithole Regional enters its second round today with two matchups we expect to be awfully close. On paper, top seed Baby Swinger seems like a clear favorite, but  8-seed Octavia Sheepshanks dispatched her first round opponent with a wider margin of victory. Even so, Ms. Swinger has the much splashier name. While she is twirling toddlers, chucking children, and yanking around youths, take a minute to make sure you don’t pass over consideration of Ms. Sheepshanks.

Up next is our first 4 vs. 5 tussle of the tournament. Your choice in this matchup says a lot about the class of names you enjoy. Nominal favorite Konockus Sashington thrives on a ridiculous jumble of letters and a name that is incredibly fun to say out loud. Norman Conquest, on the other hand, is the perfect choice for those who prefer names that tell stories (or, in this case, deliver history lessons). It’s a run-and-gun offense against a tight, disciplined full-court press. Who will you choose?

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