2013 Name of the Year Title Match: Pornsak Pongthong vs. Leo Moses Spornstarr


Of course.

By our estimation McWisdom Badejo was an unlikely favorite, but he had a sizable cadre of supporters this round, nearly landing an upset against the fiercest Thai challenger this side of Ong-Bak. And Smokey Don Pipes, conqueror of Bossy-Nobs, had to grapple with giants to reach the summit of one of this year’s most competitive regions. Both are great names.

But this is the Internet, and the Internet is for porn. You, voter, have provided compelling evidence for the truism – the guts and glory of the past months aside, the fact is that the two names out of our 64 which contain a certain four-letter string are the two names left standing by popular consensus. Of course they are.

Not that they don’t deserve it. Pornsak and Spornstarr both have positively side-splitting names, and each has been shoved through a grueling onomastic wringer in his own region to emerge unscathed at the edge of the winner’s circle. So here it is, folks: the climax, the money shot, the pairing we’ve all been waiting for. The most exciting moment of 2013, some might say.

On the left: Pornsak Pongthong, Sriracha FC defensive midfielder.
On the right: Leo Moses Spornstarr, aspiring actuary.

Which will be 2013’s Name of the Year? The choice is yours.

Voting ends Sunday. Follow us on Twitter. Also, check out this statement from the original NOTY High Committee.



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3 responses to “2013 Name of the Year Title Match: Pornsak Pongthong vs. Leo Moses Spornstarr

  1. I have known Leo for the better part of the last decade and a half. In that time, no opportunity to point out the unprecedented hilarity of his last name (Spornstarr) has gone unfulfilled. Whether it was scratching the S and second R off of his bar-mitzvah kippahs or simply asking him whether or not his parents had realized their blunder when combing Starr and Sporn, we made sure Leo always knew how much myself and all of Leo’s other friends appreciated the joy his name brought to our lives.

    At the same time, I must also point out that I am currently backpacking through Thailand, the homeland of Pornsak Pongthong.

    However, justice will not be served -poetic or otherwise – if the great Spornstarr is not declared the winner of the 2013 Name of the Year competition. In honor of those with tear up from laughing so hard funny names, and porn stars everywhere, Leo Spornstarr must win this tournament.

    If somehow his dedicated followers fail him, we should all be admonished to the severest degree. Don’t fail funny names. and DO NOT fail Spornstarr.

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