2014 Bracket and Updates

The sun is shining. Flowers are starting to bloom. For the first time since 2010, Name of the Year is starting during March Madness. Praise be!

As always, there are going to be some changes this year. First, we’re going to stop updating this domain — in order to consolidate NOTY’s already considerable pre-existing readership with our own, we’re moving operations over to www.nameoftheyear.com. We just uploaded this year’s bracket over there! Both the old guard and the fresh blood contributed to this one — after months of infighting, we’ve come up with a field we’re happy with. This is gonna be a Wagenblast.

It doesn’t stop there. To our delight, longtime NOTY supporters Deadspin offered to host the NOTY tourney this year. Voting will happen there. The extent to which we’ll be able to cross-post to nameoftheyear.com is unclear at the moment, but we’ll keep you updated as the situation develops. — we may copy the Deadspin posts, we may post with more detailed analysis. At very least, we’ll be linking to the votes as they go up — like today’s play-in between Olajuwan Stiffler and D’Olajuwon Swanks.

Again, we’ll have details on the new setup before you can say Tumpsey Speeks. And C’Mon, follow us on Twitter for more updates. May the best name win!


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